Can I be real?
Nowadays when couples say “I do”, it seems as if they’re really saying “I will…hmmm…until in about six years when you’ve gotten on my last nerve.  And then I’m outtttt…Deuces!”

But you know, that’s not it.  You and I both know that most couples get married because they really want to share their life with each other.

So sip on this: Why are the divorce rates so high for couples at year six and seven?

Parallel research shows that couples don’t typically seek counseling for their marital issues until their sixth year of marriage.  The Sixth Year…after they’ve battled it out and tried (or not tried) other things that didn’t work. I’ll admit that I became a statistic of the Six Year Marriage.  But I don’t want that at all for you.

Investment $125


Matter of fact: If I could go back in time, instead of ignoring my cold feet and asking random questions in my head like, “Am I ready to be married?” and “Is my soon-to-be husband The One?” I would have heeded this grandmother’s tried and true advice.  Maybe you’ve heard it too that,

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Think about that: At the Six Year Fumble (when you two drop the ball before throwing in the towel), the mess is so big that it will take an act of God to bring you two back together…Or an expensive year of therapy.  Yet, something as small as a few days of premarital work goes a long way. It’s the difference in six years versus sixty years.

Based on his best-seller, with over a million copies sold, John Gottman created a complete couples’ workshop so that you don’t have to sit reading the book, while your honey is sitting on the sideline saying “Let me know if that book you’re reading is any good”.
No, it takes two to make a relationship work, and I’m convinced that when you learn together, you will grow together. 

I offer the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work as a private, premarital program. This is for you and your partner if:

  • You’re thinking about getting engaged
  • You’re engaged {insert happy dance: Congrats!!!)
  • You live together but want to discover whether you two should take things to the next level.

This class is NOT for you and your partner if there is:

  • Severe relationship distress.
  • Significant emotional or physical abuse.
  • Serious emotional or mental health problems.
  • An active addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • Serious compulsive behavior with gambling, sexual acting out, and other disruptive behaviors.

What You Get: 

  • Five 60-minute Sessions
  • Workbook materials (one-time fee of $30)
  • Free follow-up session, scheduled within 6 months after the class ends.
Investment $125