Dr. Roslyn Ashford is a true visionary with a passion for helping people to transform their own vision into reality.  Her multi-faceted career includes work as a professional counselor, copywriter, radio personality, celebrity interviewer and red carpet host, spiritual life coach, and author.  As a personal development expert, Roslyn has seen the good life defined in numerous ways. She shares with listeners that the good life is a birthright and something that many have forgotten to live. Unlike many coaches, she uses a radical approach to revive that life. “With thousands of resources available on how to live good and have purpose, everyone should be living their best life,” Roslyn explains, “but knowing how to find it is fruitless if your ability to have it is blocked. It’s in taking responsibility for our own consciousness that we truly have the life we want.” Her penetrating conversations have been shared by inspired people from around the globe.

Roslyn works with the best and brightest, has taught resilient leadership workshops and personal development seminars on love and healthy relationships, finding purpose and meaning in your life, knowing your calling, overcoming adversity, and living the conscious life.  She mentors youth and empowers people from diverse backgrounds to manifest their dreams.  Roslyn received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Community Counseling (Jackson State University).  She completed a doctorate in Instructional Technology and Design at the University of Southern Mississippi. She currently serves as Associate Publisher/Interview Manager on the staff of Faith-filled Family Magazine. Professional memberships include Atlanta Writers Club and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

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Book Clubs/Readers contact Roz directly – dr.roz (at) roslynashford.com. For speaking engagements and personal appearances contact PR (at) roslynashford.com. Or feel free to complete the form provided here.