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Americans die by Suicide
(each year)
die Each Day
million attempt suicide or intentional self-harm

My story

To this day, I still can’t believe that I even thought about committing suicide. But when I was twenty-three, there was this slight impulse to run straight through a four-way stop sign and just end it all.


Because that day, after my night class, I was still drowning in my own misery: For one, Raphael, my cousin, had gotten killed in a car accident a year ago.  Two, my boyfriend and I had gone through our longest breakup ever. Actually, he married someone else. Three, I’d made all these plans for what I thought would happen when I turned twenty-three.  And none of it happened.

I was on this downward spiral and before I realized it, I was all the way down. In a bed.

A hospital bed.

Committed to a mental hospital for two of the longest weeks of my life.

Then something inside me shifted.

I’d learned some powerful life lessons that inspired me to completely lose control of the control I thought I wanted and needed.  It was the most liberating time for me.  It doesn’t seem like magic now, but everything I wanted was manifesting back-to-back for me. I loved my life. The problem was, I didn’t know how to keep itthat is, a life I loved.

It wasn’t until ten years later, after a family member killed himself, that I finally got it.  Somewhere in crossing the dirt road between the cemetery and church, a small still voice was clearly saying “Fight Suicide”.  

Before I took on the daunting task of confronting every suicidal-looking person who crossed my path, a series of events forced me to realize that I’d put an invisible noose around my own neck that was choking the life I desired right out of me! 


Through my inspirational shows, RozTV and Roz on the Radio,  and internationally-recognized training programs, I help people like you live a conscious life so you can get back to what’s important to you. 

“A spiritual suicide–ignoring your inner voice & giving up on hopes, dreams, and wishes–leads to physical suicide. ”

Roslyn Ashford

One of the things I'm often asked is
"What exactly do you do?"

I'm a Multi-passionate entrepreneur

Which means that I love to keep things colorful.  
I’ve always been curious about family dynamics and how they influence a person’s success in life.  Also, I wanted to know how some people who are born into unhealthy circumstances manage to rise above where they came from to create a life of abundance. And I constantly dream of ways to help families create stronger bonds. 

I'm also passionate about...

spirituality, fitness, psychology, love and relationships, singing (watch the video of me and my sis, Tara, getting down to #FightCancer), voice acting, writing, and improving the way people learn, to name a few.  

and I love to learn.

I’m totally into reading self-help books and when I was 16, I knew I wanted to become a doctor.  After earning degrees in Psychology and Counseling, I finally earned my Ph.D. in Instructional Design. It was a perfect marriage: putting together fun, motivational-designed training programs to help you to have the life & love you most desire. 

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The you who has so much to live for.  The you who has so much more to offer the world.  The you who wants so much to be in a happy, drama-free relationship.  My company is dedicated to helping people like you enjoy the time you have here on this planet.

That means everything I do—through my training programs, products, shows, or anything else—is done with the purpose to be the change that I want to see in this world.  I want to walk down any street or browse through my FB timeline, Twitter Feed, or IG Posts and see people excited about the life they have.  I want to see people motivating each other through their own personal experiences.  

I want to see people happier with themselves and attracting happier relationships as a result.  I want to see people inhaling and exhaling Inspiration and Mojo so they go after whatever they’re being called to be and do. 

Most of all, I want to end spiritual and physical suicide.  I’m here to help you get as far away from that ugly space as possible. I’m fighting suicide by helping you build a life you’re so in love with that you wouldn’t possibly dream of checking out of it.  

I’ll be honest: I have degrees and experience, but I’m no guru. And tons of people have said to me “You don’t act like a doctor” or “You’re too cool to be a doctor”.  Well, I guess I’ll take that as a compliment. I’m just a compassionate, down-to-earth Mississippi girl who is committed to bringing you the best of what I’m (still) learning and living. I’m known to dig deep with thought-provoking questions and resurface with some very meaningful answers.

I let go of my obsession with perfection four years ago, so you can expect that I’ll make mistakes, get tongue-tied, and use broken, country grammar with a hint of southern accent. I’m a blunt-as-can-be Sagittarius.  And though I do like to live life on a pink cloud, every day is not a Roslyn day for me. Pink Cloud Moment: But I’m still blessed.

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